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After returning home from a 400 day tour in Iraq, US Army Veteran and CEO, Ryan Leonard began his lifelong dream of turning his passion for sneakers, graphic design, and fashion into a custom apparel company.

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CEO and Owner Ryan Leonard was born in Neptune, New Jersey where the hustle began.

At an early age Ryan’s entrepreneurial mindset kicked in when he entered his family’s business and began running the day to day operations of a luxury car detailing shop.

Ryan in his senior year of high school Leonard began to customize footwear and apparel for fell classmates and friends as a trendsetter, slowly turning into a small side hustle and creative outlet.

After serving a tour of duty in Operation Iraqi Freedom, decorated combat Veteran Ryan Leonard, returned home and vowed to never work for anyone again. He was determined to start his own brands no matter what amount of work, time and effort it took.

Fast forward a decade, CEO and seasoned entrepreneur Ryan Leonard took on the devastating COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to help save lives and grow his multifaceted import/export, medical device, global manufacturing, PPE and custom branding services to a new level. He was able to provide multilayered services to state and federal governments, municipalities, hospitals, schools, nursing homes with the proper protective equipment they desperately needed without taking advantage of the tough market conditions. We have provided over 9 Million live saving products this year to propel our business into 2021. To learn more about our main business visit